O2Cloud PBX comes with everything your business needs to communicate better. With 100% cloud infrastructure you won't have to worry at all.

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Get access to a ton of features out of the box

Call Routing

Route calls based on the departments and employee extensions that you create, or based on who’s available at particular hours.

Works With Any Phone

Use O2 Cloud PBX with VoIP, SIP, landline, or mobile phone.

Call Forwarding

Send calls to anywhere in the world. Calls can be forwarded to VOIP, landlines or mobile phones.

Record Any Calls

Get an edge over your competitors by recording your client calls to improve your Customer Experience strategy.

Distribute Your Calls

Got a call center? O2 Cloud PBX will automatically route your calls to the appropriate (or available) agent.

Call Reports

Use our analytics-heavy approach to Call Reporting to craft the ultimate Customer Service strategy.


Create conference rooms with participant control, moderators, and passwords with a few clicks.


With the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) you can automate the service of your company. Personalization and simplicity for you.

Time Conditions

Route calls based on time, days, or even times of the year, such as holidays or seasons.

Browser Calls

Use browsers to receive or make calls via WebRTC technology without installing any plugins.


Each extension has accessible voice mail from any device. Or set up sending the attached audio via email in .mp3 format.

Follow Me & Do Not Disturb

Forward your incoming calls to a voice mail, follow me outside or to a colleague when you can not answer.

Hold Music

Upload music to personalized waiting messages while your client waits to speak with their agents.


Upload a custom greeting directly from our web interface.

Groups Extensions

Receive direct calls to entire teams at once or sequentially. Create custom attendance rules by group.

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