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Take your global SMS messaging and voice to the next level with a platform built for scale, speed, and deliverability.


Reach customers faster at scale

Get reliable delivery, global compliance, and simple account management

The structure of O2Cloud Messaging is designed to deliver the best result with the least effort. No matter the size of your customer base or the diversity of your products, we are ready for everyone to engage with your business.

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Complete Platform

What you will get with O2Cloud Messaging

A complete platform for communication, bulk SMS and audio message dialing


Monitor all your campaigns in one place, with quick actions for managing shipments.

Save money

Reach your target audience, don't waste resources, and improve your business returns.

Interactive SMS

Schedule SMS sends based on your customers' responses.

Audio messages

Send audio messages with customer interaction and if necessary transfer the call to an agent.

Realtime Reports

Everything you need, now

The O2Cloud Messaging platform works in real time, meaning you can see exactly what is happening with your campaigns.

Track the performance of your campaigns grouped by cost centers, shipping type, shipping batch, and more. Thus management becomes simple, fast and efficient.